What is the
Opportunity Grant?

Any eligible student with a household income of $40,000 or below will receive an Opportunity Grant of $1,000 per semester (up to $2,000 per year, fall and spring only) to assist in defraying the total cost of attendance or to help students pay for unexpected expenses like books, transportation and healthcare which might occur while enrolled.


How do I apply?

Opportunity grants will automatically be applied to a student’s account if they are eligible and complete all required steps to receive an Evolve502 scholarship. No separate application is required.

What are the eligibility requirements?

To qualify for an opportunity grant, applicants must be from households earning $40,000 or less annually. Applicants must complete all of the required steps to become an Evolve502 Scholar.

What does this cover?

Opportunity Grants funds can be used to cover non-tuition costs including books, transportation, healthcare, childcare, food, etc. The funds are used at your discretion. We do ask that you complete an end-of-year survey about how you used your funds so we can continue to learn about how to best support our scholars.

What type of payment will it be?

Funds will be applied to your student account. Payment will come directly from your school. Please contact your financial aid office for details.


For questions about opportunity grant eligibility or about Evolve502 scholarship, please contact your high school’s assigned Student Success Coordinator.