To make a financial contribution to Evolve502

Thank you for considering a contribution to Evolve502. Contributions can be accepted two ways – check and credit card. For other gift options, please contact John Guthrie, Director of Development and Donor Engagement, at


Make checks payable to Evolve502 and mail to the following address:

334 East Broadway
Louisville, Ky. 40202

Credit Cards

Credit card contributions are accepted by phone at this time. To schedule a phone call to process a credit card gift, please email

We’d love to hear from you.

Contact any member of our staff directly or use this general comment form. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you.


Marland Cole, Executive Director
(502) 292-6219

Dr. Matt Berry, Chief Scholarship & Policy Officer
(502) 292-6221

Dr. Charles Davis, Comprehensive Services Director
(502) 292-6143

John J. Guthrie, Director of Development & Donor Engagement
(502) 292-6220

Brandy Warren, Communications Manager
(502) 292-6161

Amani Miles, Student Success Coordinator

Kennina Porter, Student Success Manager

Jackie Kimbrough, Administrative Assistant
(502) 292-6222