news | October 13, 2023

Meet Our Team: Arianna del Toro

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Each week, Evolve502 is introducing members of the Student Success Team. Members of the Student Success Team serve as liaisons with JCPS high schools and work directly with Evolve502 Scholarship applicants to help students complete the application process and prepare for college. This week, meet Arianna del Toro, who joined Evolve502 in October.

Arianna del Toro
Arianna del Toro

Name: Arianna del Toro

Title:  Student Success Coordinator

Hometown: Holguin, Cuba

Education: University of Louisville,  Bachelors of Art. Major in English, Minor in Spanish. 

What led you to Evolve502?My college mentor recommended me this position due to my interest in working in non-profit organizations and connecting students with resources to pursue higher education.

What’s the best part of your job? Making sure students know all the different opportunities available for them after graduating high school and pursuing a career that will allow them to have a successful and comfortable future.  

What advice do you have for students who are considering their college and career options for post high school? There are so many routes’ students can take to successfully pursue the career or trade of their choice. Meeting with their Evolve502 coordinators, school counselors and other representatives available will allow them to explore different options and make informed decisions. Pursuing a career doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful, ask for help and do lots of research. 

What is your number one tip for students going through the Evolve502 application process? Pay close attention to deadlines, add them to your calendar and stay in touch with your Student Success Coordinator should any questions or issues arise. 

What do you wish you had known when you started college that would have better prepared you for the experience? Ask for help! Look around campus to find tutoring and writing centers available. Take advantage of your free time by completing assignments a couple of days before their due date. Use the library as your main studying spot, it will allow you to focus and complete assignments quicker. 

What is one random/fun fact about you?

I love horses!