news, resources | May 10, 2022

Evolve502 to host three pop-up FAFSA completion workshops  

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With graduation just a few short weeks away, Jefferson County Public School seniors are making plans for what comes next.

For many that may be attending college.

To help students prepare, Evolve502, KentuckianaWorks College Access Center and the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority are hosting three pop-up FAFSA completion workshops for JCPS seniors and the families. Staff from each agency will be on hand to support students and families and answer questions about the FAFSA.

Each session is free and open to JCPS seniors and their families. Students are encouraged to bring Chromebooks if they have them. Dates and times are:

  • 4-7 p.m. May 12, Pleasure Ridge Park High School
  • 4-7 p.m. May 19, Western High School
  • 4-7 p.m. May 24, Waggener High School


Students interested in attending college need to complete the FAFSA to determine if they are eligible to receive any financial aid from the federal government. Nationally, more than $3 billion in Pell grants went unclaimed because students didn’t complete the FAFSA.

In addition, Evolve502 requires applicants to complete the FAFSA as part of the eligibility process for its scholarship program. The Evolve502 scholarship is a last dollar scholarship and covers an eligible student’s tuition and fees after federal and state financial aid is applied, meaning students who receive the scholarship do not pay tuition. Students interested in applying for the Evolve502 scholarship can view eligibility information at https://evolve502.org/scholarship-for-students/.

“We understand that students and families may have reservations and feel overwhelmed when it comes to completing the FAFSA, but it is important to remember that by not completing the process it can prevent students from attending college and more importantly accessing the aid needed to pay for college.” said Kennina Porter, Evolve502 Scholarship and Student Success Director. “These events are intended to help eliminate that barrier. We encourage all students who need help – whether they’re pursuing an Evolve502 scholarship or not – to attend and get this free form completed.”

Students and families who plan to attend one of the sessions should make sure to bring required information in order to complete the form. A checklist of required information is available at https://studentaid.gov/help/info-needed.

Additional resources

For questions about the pop-up events, please email ariels@evolve502.org.

Students and families who are unable to attend the pop-up events but need support completing the FAFSA should contact the KentuckianaWorks College Access Center at https://www.kentuckianaworks.org/kcac.

To learn more about applying for the FAFSA, visit https://studentaid.gov/.