resources | October 20, 2023

Book a Presentation with Evolve502 to Help Students Prepare for College and More

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Want to help the high school students you work with prepare for college and beyond? Schedule a presentation with the Evolve502 Success Team! Our team has several presentations to support the college-going process of your high school students. Check out our presentation offering below:

Evolve502 Scholarship Presentation:

  • This presentation includes an introduction to the Evovle502 Scholarship. Students will be able to apply for the scholarship and ask any questions they may have.

Planning Your Future Presentation:

  • This presentation includes tips and advice on planning for college as a high school student. Students will gain a better understanding of what steps they should be taking to prepare for their future.

Self-Advocacy Presentation:

  • This interactive session explores real life scenarios in preparing for college and being a new first-year student. It also shares with students the importance of advocating for oneself and what that might look like.

College Affordability Presentation

  • This presentation shares with students the basics of financial aid, tips on obtaining scholarships, and learning about different ways to making college affordable.

Ready to schedule? If you are a JCPS employee, contact the Student Success Coordinator assigned to your school. For all other requests, email scholarships@evolve502.org